BBQ time!

The long weekend is here and we know there will be lots of gatherings with family, friends and BBQs! We want to share with you an extract from the Donovans Yearbook 2017 and how Kevin cooks the perfect steak!

At Home with Family & Friends
Easy ideas for you at home. Simple, stress free ways to prepare food for loved ones – making sure you get to enjoy time together! A perfectly cooked BBQ t-bone, and everyone bring a salad!

The perfect steak

Firstly, it is important to build a relationship with a good providore. Quality meat comes from good suppliers. It really is worth the time and money. Kevin is a bit of a barbecue purist when it comes to grilling by direct heat, here’s Kevin’s tips for grilling a good steak:

1. Use good quality charcoal, dense and hard.
2. Invest in a chimney to ignite your coals; avoid any sort of artificial igniters as they will surely impart an off flavour to your finished product.
3. Keep your grilling surface clean. Use a wire brush to scrape off any bits from your last session.
4. Remove your product from the fridge a half hour before grilling.
5. Season your product with oil, salt and pepper before grilling.
6. When your chimney has ignited all the coals, carefully pour the coals into the base of your barbecue. Arrange into an even bed in the base of your barbecue. Allow the coals to settle for 5-10 minutes.
7. I am a ‘turn once’ kind of guy. Lay your steak on the grill. From experience, I know that a T-Bone steak approximately 2cm in thickness will take 21/2 to 3 minutes on each side for really good rare-medium rare finish.
8. Here’s the best advice – rest your steak, loosely covered with aluminium foil for the same time you have grilled it for. This will allow the super-heated juices to relax and ensure a truly moist product.
9. Your finished product will be amazing!!!

Don’t forget to indulge in great accompaniments with your steak such as good relishes and quality mustard. Grilling over hot coals doesn’t stop with meat, try a marinated butterflied chicken, or a whole fish with the belly stuffed with fennel and lemon and wrapped in foil.

Happy Grilling!!