Chop Chop Charlie

In the last month of winter we are dreaming of warmer days ahead. But for now we have something to warm your heart!

A perennial favourite on our Cocktail List is the infamous Chop Chop Charlie. Taking its name from the famous Cab Calloway tune of the 1930’s in his own dulcet tones, he calls Charlie ‘the hippest cat in town’. We tweaked the original Chop Chop recipe to lift it from the past and include Vodka, Licor 43, Passionfruit Pulp (from the original treatment), along with Apple Juice and Fresh Mint.

Here’s a step by step method on how to prepare it for yourself, just in case you can’t get to Donovans for our Bar Staff to prepare it for you. Here we have the lovely Laura showing us how.




Ingredients & Equipment

30ml Smirnoff Vodka
15ml Licor 43
60ml apple juice
15ml passionfruit pulp
6 torn mint leaves
1 cocktail shaker
1 strainer
Ice (crushed and whole)
1 highball glass
Measuring cup



1. Add all ingredients to Cocktail Shaker

2. Tear up mint leaves

3. Add ice and shake

4. Fill ice half way In a highball glass

5. Strain ingredients into glass

6. Stir and top with crushed ice

7. Garnish with a large mint sprig