Looking Good

We’re off to our favourite Groomer Murphy’s Paw – Masters of Styling in Port Melbourne. My brother Red and I decided we should look our very best the first time you meet us for The Doggie Door.

Alona is always there to introduce us to all our doggie play mates. It’s such a blast! The salon has great big windows where you can sit and watch the world go by. We see heaps of things we never see out of Mum’s bedroom window at home. Our Mum thought she would embarrass us by taking before and after shots – even in the bath! We just think it’s funny and hope you do too.

Hi it’s Wallis here, that’s me enjoying my makeover! First impressions are everything. I went for a neat body trim – big fluffy ears and pom pom legs (it’s called a Ballerina cut-very fancy). Sometimes kids in the park ask if I’m wearing Ugg boots. No idea what they’re talking about! By the way, at 16 and a half I have hardly any grey hair. When I get my hair cut you would think I was a teenager. I’ve heard people whisper in the park that they think Mum dyes my hair! Just jealous I guess.

xxx Love Wallis

Now it’s my turn. Like my sister Wallis I love going to the Groomer. Not because I worry about how I look, just because I love seeing my friends there and I love the bath. Sorry to say this darling sister but you have to try harder than me. I’m a stand out natural redhead that comes with brown nails and nose, perfect pink belly and the best red hair in town. However, I went for lean cut legs and body (I’m an athlete you know) big Pom Pom head and ears to show off my colour and big fluffy tail. The tail is great for flicking Dads glass off the coffee table. I’m a bit naughty sometimes.

xxx Love always Ready Red.


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