So pleased to meet you!

We are Wallis and Red Donovan and very pleased to welcome you to The Doggie Door. We’re going to have a lot of fun here. First we thought you’d like to know a little bit about us.

Red Donovan

Hello! I am seven years old, 29kg and an athlete. I was re-homed at 2 years old. I used to live in the bush with a couple of kelpies. Then I won Dog Lotto! My new Mum and Dad are the Donovans. WOW!! They call me Red because I am a true red head. My nick name is ‘Ready Red’ because I am always on the go.

Suppose I need to tell you I am a bit unusual. Slightly allergic to everything! I require a special diet, can’t go out when it’s hot. I need a Telefast (antihistamine) in the morning for Summer, I don’t eat meat, love bananas and tofu. Oh gosh, the list goes on and on! Just as well my mum and dad know about food. I don’t think I’m difficult, just ‘super special’.

TOP: Red’s favourite place to lounge  BELOW LEFT: Red shaking hands with Gail before receiving a treat  BELOW RIGHT: Cheeky Red on the couch taking Darryl by surprise!


Wallis Donovan

Hi, my name is Wallis Donovan, also know as Miss Wallis, Doodle Bug or Wally Gong. Yes I am a girl! Named after Wallis Simpson who stole the king’s heart. I am a black standard poodle and about to have my 17th birthday. I feel great and I’m a healthy 20kg.

Can you imagine how well we get looked after at home? I love sitting on the couch, I love parmesan cheese and chicken. Oops I forgot – I love my Mum and Dad Donovan and I adore my brother Red (although his manners can be questionable!)

ABOVE: Wallis and his favourite places to lounge at home

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  1. Oh Gail & Kevin. The photos of your Paw Kids are so beautiful. They certainly are lucky to be Donovan kids.

  2. Wallace, you haven’t aged one day since we last trained together. Are you still being kept in the manner to which you are accustomed by your master? Eye fillet steak if I recall!
    The Ridgie family

    1. Hello Ridgie Family! So nice to hear from you. Yes my Mum and Dad, as always, are keeping me VERY well! xx Wallis

  3. Hello you gorgeous pooches- I would like to introduce myself- I am Olivetta Bellini Best Dog In the World- the last 4 words are of course my surname!
    I have been a replacement for a beautiful Poodle called Sebastian, who after 18 glorious years decided doggy heaven was ready for him- so I have a lot to live up to.

    But the reason for my post Wallis and Red is I am a truffle hunter- yes I am an original Lagotto! So I feel we may have some culinary interests in common! I too rather like a fillet, but my favourite meal is pasta with a well aged Parmesan- or a lovely Spring Water of Tuna on Nuts! So perhaps we could make our acquaintance and have a little tête-à-tête about nuances of being the most loved dogs in the world.
    PS. My parents are dining with you tomorrow night so maybe they can bring me home a little “Doggie Bag”! Love to you both xxx

    1. Hello Olivetta Bellini Best Dog in the World! We are so very pleased to meet you! Making Doggie friends online is so much fun. How wonderful to hear you are a truffle hunter. Very impressive! We would so love to meet you in real life. We have A LOT in common. Let’s get our Mums to organise a playdate! xx Wallis & Red (PS: We hope you did get that Doggie Bag when your parents came to Donovans! xx)

  4. Hello Wallis & Red
    Lovely to meet you both. We saw your pictures whilst having lunch at your mum and dad’s restaurant today, and couldn’t help looking for more pictures of you two. We also have a Standard Poodle child, Bosco, who is almost 3. He is also allergic to pretty much everything and is on a very special diet.

    Big kisses to you two!

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